Daily Morning Routine

The beginning of the day is an opportunity to begin your new day with a fresh new start, to create new great things in your life. This is your life, so make the best of it! You must take control of your own life by taking the time to intend everything you desire: growing relationships with everyone in your life including soulmate, family, colleagues at work, your business, your team members and everyone you interact with during each and every day and everything else you desire in your life including your growth in  business, career, social life, spirituality, and other topics of importance to you.

What if your inner guidance is trying to tell you that you getting too busy in your life? This is  opportunity to STOP, SURRENDER, BE AWARE and RESUME CONTROL. I learned that from Richard Fettke in his great book Extreme Success.

When we stop, surrender and become aware of where we are currently standing, we have an opportunity to make new changes we desire in our life. To become aware of what is currently happening in your life, take inventory of the things that are happening that are good and things you want to change. Look at this from a positive perspective. This is a new opportunity to grow in this specific area of your life. Take time out and do this as part of your self-care routine. As you do this process, go deeper and look more inside of yourself you’ll find new pearls of wisdom, that are your new gifts of transformation in your life. Spend however long it takes until you “feel” you have explored the new pearls that feel as your inner guidance is confirming to you in a loving way.

Below is a list of my morning routine I do on most of my days in each week:

  1. Wakeup | Appreciate Grateful Thankful With An Open Heart Family and All Things In Your Life | Oil Pulling | Brush Teeth | Make Bed | Plank for 1 to 2 minutes | Foam Roll Back Up Down 20 times
  2. Meditate 5 to 20 minutes
  3. Workout 30 minutes to 90 minutes
  4. Shower
  5. Journal
  6. Read or Listen To Audio Book 20 minutes
  7. Post Workout Meal or Health Shake
  8. Enterprise Entrepreneur Development 20 minutes
  9.  Work

This is just a guide, so do not be rigid. This is a tool to be intentional in life. Sometimes I do some of these things in different times of the day so I can be flexible and go with the flow of life.

At the end of the day reflect all the wonderful things you created and did. Celebrate all the wins! Release any resistance on things that did not workout and things you could have done better. STOP, SURRENDER and process the resistance gently and sit with it, diffuse it, dissolve it, let it go and TRANSFORM it To LOVE. Love is where we all come from. Practice LOVING Yourself and Every One unconditionally. Jesus taught this. Many other Spiritual Masters that have walked on our planet have also taught these teachings.


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