Accept, Be and Create


Accepting the moments that life brings us allows us to grow. If we hold a battle inside our self about things that we want to change immediately it holds us in a position of resistance. Surrendering that battle and leaving it to GOD would take you to peace in the present. Accepting where we currently are gives us the space to be open to new growth.

What areas in our health and fitness is asking us to accept? Creating this space gives you the freedom to expand and enjoy your life growing in this area. Taking three deeps breaths to delve deeper into your love gives you the space to be present with acceptance.

“In every moment you, have the opportunity to accept what is, and in the moment you accept what is you let go of all resistance, and that is so important. And the instant manifestation is peace, peace within you, peace around you.” ~ Sara Landon

Knowing and accepting where you now are with your health, strength and fitness gives you an opportunity to build your new program that serves you best. Sit down and journal what health and fitness means to YOU. Talk to your inner guidance and journal what this means for you. What strong desire inspires you? What are you goals? Is it to be able to feel good when playing with your kids at the park? Is it to be climb a mountain? Is it to be overall healthy and strong? Your health and fitness journey is yours to own, its all about you to make you a better person from the inside out. At first you may have a general goal and that is a great place to start. You must feel good about the choice you make on growing in this specific area that are your own goals, not the choice of others goals. This is your body temple and you get to choose to build it in anyway that serves you best to shine your inner light to yourself, your family and those important to you in this world.


Being is the state of which we are soo tuned into our inner power that nothing outside of us affects our energy. A focus upon GOD the power within, is shining your inner light to do great wonderful things for you and this world is the place we were destined to live from in every moment of our life. GOD’s love is home.

Your body is your temple to explore this beautiful planet. Taking care of yourself is your responsibility. Stepping into the fullness of who you are is taking care of yourself in all aspects of yourself, which you are being valuable to yourself, your family and all those important to you including in your enterprise and career. Following your heart, being who you are and who you want to be is what make you shine your inner light in this world, is the true state of beingness.

“Space and stillness is the light that illuminates the beauty of our soul’s being.”Adyashanti

“We may in a vision see a face of some divine/saintly being, or we may hear a Divine voice talking to us, and will know it is God. When our heart-call is intense, and we do not give up, God will come. It is important that we remove from our mind all doubt that God will answer.”Paramahansa Yogananda

Your health, strength and fitness journey is part of the expansion of your beingness. When you are healthy in your body and mind, your beingness shines much more radiantly to be more tuned into your soul. There is physical clear channel connection from your physical self to your soul self. Its like having a clear eyes to feel and listen to your soul self sooo much better. You are aware of yourself more, learning how to feel all aspects of your life including your emotions to discover what they mean and learn ways to reframe your emotions in a positive forward moving direction.

What type of health and fitness training would make you “be” more? Weight training? Walking? Yoga? Running? Swimming? High intensity interval training? Kickboxing? Hiking? White water rafting? Canoeing? In your health and fitness journey you can incorporate all of these. Incorporating a variation of new modalities in your training schedule over a period time helps expand your “beingness” in learning different movement types for your body and putting more focus on the ones that really interest you. Continue to journal talking to your inner guidance the state of “being” that you desire to “be”, delve deeper in your story of your health, strength and fitness.


Being creative in your life is bringing out the gifts from your heart into this world. Creativity is what you came here on this planet Earth to explore, expand and bring into this world. Your creativity is most alive when you do what makes your heart sing and you build the beautiful loving creative physical “thing” that you soo much desire. Music, art, engineering, new spiritual leadership, community,  helping others, being of valuable service to others, your new healthy body and myriad of other things that we can create making this world a more beautiful place. The true master artists allow themselves to tap deep into their creativity heart, creating amazing works above and beyond what the mind alone could conceive. Being tuned into your inner guidance allows you to take your purity creation to a powerful new level in this world. Creating with passion, joy and happiness is what true creativity is..

When we tap into our divine nature we are tapping into an invincible creative light within us that can birth new paradigms ~ Kaia Ra author of “The Sophia Code”

Being a creative master of your health, strength and fitness allows you to explore the beauty of your beautiful body being tuned into what GOD wants you to experience. Using your creativity to self care is your divine gift for yourself to take your health, strength and fitness to a a creative new exciting level. What creative ways can you incorporate health, strength and fitness that allows you to feel really good about yourself? In your journaling you can go deeper here to give you the opportunity to open up where you can learn more about yourself that will allow you take good care of yourself in new creative ways.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: What creative ways can I add or begin anew for my new health, strength and fitness journey? What is the best times of the day for me to workout? Where is the best place for me to do this? Could a family member or friend workout with me? Could I hire a personal trainer? Should I design my own program and learn how to effectively do so using my creativity? As you go deeper in contemplating your creativity on your health, strength and fitness you may discover some exciting new ideas you have never thought of before. Have fun with this!

Next week we’ll go deeper on your goals incorporating what you are going to create in your journal this week and what we pondered here. Make some time this week for yourself journaling what we discussed here. This is going to be fun!

Affirmation of the Week

“I am listening to my inner guidance on being more in acceptance, expanding my beingness and exploring my creativity to shine my inner light adding more light to a more beautiful world.”


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