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Program Design Part 2 – The Mesocycle

In this post we are going to expand on the macrocycle we built in the previous post and build all the mesocycles that are in this complete program. For this program each mesocycle is about 4 to 5 weeks. This is a six month (26 weeks) program so there are going to be multiple mesocycles from the beginning to end to change the focus in your progression. As you get started on a new program your body needs to get acclimated to from where you currently stand and build up from there and keep doing that until the end of this program.

Mesocycle 1 – Conditioning Mesocycle – weeks 1 to 4 (4 weeks)

We begin the program with this phase of that will get you started in getting your body acclimated to training and teaching your body basic forms of training to build a foundation. You’ll be learning the fundamental core compound movements that build overall muscles, joints, skeletal and physiological systems. You’ll start incorporating new nutrition habits that will teach your body rebuilding new healthy muscle and all other cells of your body temple.

Mesocycle 2 – Endurance Mesocycle – weeks 5 to 8 (4 weeks)

The second phase we’ll take to the next level by challenging your body on building overall endurance and resiliency to be able to sustain exercise longer. This will allow you to take more control and get deeper in your emotions, mind and body to build the next level you!

Mesocycle 3 – Strength Mesocycle – weeks 9 to 12 (4 weeks)

The third phase we are going to build a solid foundation of strength specializing in the upper body and squat as pertaining to the goals we set in our Program Design Part 1 post. Here we will be focusing on more intermediate level type of strength training incorporating a pyramid system of weight progression teaching your body to handle more load. Build strong muscles, tendons, joints and bones. Strength improves your overall bodily function laying a solid foundation for the next mesocycle.

Mesocycle 4 – Power Mesocycle – weeks 13 to 16 (4 weeks)

The fourth mesocycle we are going to take the strength foundation from the previous mesocycle and build upon it adding total body power. Power will teach your body how to produce force at a faster rate making you a warrior of life. Power will provide you ability to explosively control your body to take charge of your body, mind and emotions on even a higher level allowing more your to radiantly shine forth!

Mesocycle 5 – Performance Mesocycle – weeks 17 to 21 (5 weeks)

The fifth mesocycle we are going to take all the previous mesocycles components and put them together to specifically training exercises and movements narrow focused towards your goals. Here you’ll becoming more of a higher performance athlete to building your new goals, your next level you stronger in your emotions, mind and body!

Mesocycle 6 – Optimize Mesocycle – weeks 22 to 26 (5 weeks)

The final mesocycle we are going to perform focused training to optimize every component in reaching all your goals. Here you have worked diligently optimizing your body, mind and emotions on a brand new level, your new level amazing you!


You are going to create new nutrition habits that will work for you, supporting your body, mind and emotions. Nutrition is the fuel to our body temple, your body temple is a biological machine that needs the best healthy fuel to propel your forward on an ongoing basis. Your body temple deserves the best quality healthy fuel to grow, evolve, expand and prosper!

Affirmations and Meditation

Having your body follow your great healthy mind and emotions is going to be the solid foundation that keeps you building your amazing new you! You deserve to be present and have healthy thoughts, emotions in your body in any given moment in time! In each cycle we’ll create a new mantra to continue guiding you to your growth in this program. Each of the mantras is going to expand your emotions, mind and body guiding to the newest expanded version of you!

The meditations is going to be incorporated everyday of this program to help you expand your consciousness to help your day to be in alignment with who you really are and what you are becoming.


We have set a foundation of what the focus will be in each of the cycles providing the detailed protocols that will be implemented in each training day. In the next post we are going to create the complete program detailing exercises for each day with the loading schemes to implement each training day.

Affirmation of the Week

I am in alignment with my Source in my heart being present in every moment becoming a more loving powerful expanded version of me.