Expanding to higher version of you requires you to let go of negative stories you may have on a particular subject and reframe those stories to the way your highest self version sees this as. Practice putting all your attention on becoming the best version of you. Practice putting your focus in the mind of GOD. Practice listening the guidance of GOD Source Spirit, the soft loving inner guidance in each moment of the day. Practice being present. Practice the art of allowing. Allowing your inner guidance to lead you to the goodness in your life. Go walk in nature in a quiet place to hear the stillness in your heart.

Living from a place of ease, peace, relaxation and prosperity is being present in the moment. Allowing the new thoughts, emotions, embodiment, growth, learning wisdom and evolving to become a manifestation in your reality. You are in constant expansion practice doing your best to remain in a good feeling place within your emotions, mind and body.

Looking at the good things in your life and using those as wisdom teachings to help you grow in other areas in your life. A good question to ask yourself: What wisdom can I apply from this one specific area in my life  that is going well to the area I want to improve upon? How can I use what I already know to improve in this one area that is asking me to grow? Spend time reflecting on this and even journaling, allowing yourself to get deep in your story and reframing your story in a new and empowering way. Creating your own story is like writing your own movie. Your life is a movie of you being the director, star and everyone else whom is important to you being the stars as well.


Hug = Hug yourself, your family and everyone important to you.

Embrace = Embrace where you are to gain the pearls of wisdom in your expansion.

Align = Align your emotions, mind and body to that of GOD Source Spirit Your Highest Self.

Love = Love yourself, Love your family, Love everyone and Love everything.

Be creative in applying this in all areas of your life, for the happiness, joy and exhilaration the expansion brings you! Follow the divinity within you.

Interval Workout

Interval training is a powerful methodology to build a stronger heart. When you have a stronger heart your heart is capable of pumping more volume of blood for each beat, therefore you will have a lower resting heart rate.

Here is a good interval workout on the days you want off from your weight training.

1a. Kettlebell Swing 5 x 20
1b. Walk 5 x 1 minute
2a. Ski Ergometer 5 x 30 seconds
2b. Walk 5 x 1 minute

Note: 5 x 20 mean 5 sets of 20 repetitions and 5 x 1 minutes means 5 sets of 1 minute.

In exercises 1a, and 1b are to be performed immediately after each other. After you complete the 1b exercise you go right into the 1a exercise until you have done five sets. Do this the same for 2a and 2b. This interval workout should take you about 20 – 25 minutes total to complete.

Try this out for a few days this week and see how you can progress this. One way to start this program: on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, this week is do 3 sets, the following week 4 sets and the third week do 5 sets. Be creative and replace exercises to equipment you don’t have access to, to equipment you do have access to. For example if you don’t have a Ski Ergometer replace that exercise with an kettlebell abdominal exercise. Enjoy and have fun!

Affirmation of the Week

Affirmations reminds us the power within our own hearts regardless of what is going on outside of us.

“I am appreciating in following my GOD inner guidance and growing into my expansion.”


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